Nancy Ho

Nancy Ho

OK, it's Big Boob Friday and here is Nancy Ho to display her God-given assets; at least I think they are real? I just can't take my eyes off her luscious boobies! Nancy became well known a few years back on the now defunct Asian4You site. Currently she is featured on and To check out a few more views of Nancy, click

These images of Nancy are quite tame compared to what's out there. You can find lots of her solo masturbation photo sets where she uses dildos and vegetables. There are also a few hard core sets of her floating around too.

Nancy Ho

Nancy Ho

Nancy Ho

Nancy Ho

Nancy Ho

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Posted by: NorthMan on Apr 25, 08 | 12:01 am | Profile


I hope that first pic didn't poke anyone's eye out. :-)

Posted by: NorthMan on Apr 25, 08 | 12:33 am

I miss A4U, its where I first saw Nancy and many other hot hot models. Nothing has really replaced it IMO.

Posted by: Troy88 on Apr 25, 08 | 1:51 am

Nancy has this real beauty about her, not glamorous, but real.

I find it funny, the vegetables thing.
I knew a girl and she did this amazing thing with a cucumber. Classic trick, but she was awesome with it. I hope this is allowed, it's kitchen talk, in case anyone wonders. :)

Posted by: daznlover on Apr 25, 08 | 2:02 am

Yes, I think they are real - another Thai natural wonder like Irene Fah, who inspired a lot of discussion on this issue here and elsewehere, as well as a fair bit of research by your's truly! The first photos I saw of Irene were not conclusive, but the photos Northman has dug up of Nancy show the classic sag and changes of form that only completely natural breast tissue can produce in my experience.

I have frequently been criticised for thinking that all Asian girls over a certain size are fake, but it just isn't so. I base my conclusions on the tell-tale changes of form natural breasts go through when their owner changes position, versus the relatively static form of implants (even the often very soft and natural looking Japanese-style implants).

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 25, 08 | 3:16 am

Lee....i think u meant to type Nancy in your 3rd line instead of Irene?

Posted by: NorthMan on Apr 25, 08 | 3:49 am

Oh Lee believe me, this size can be all too real for Thai girls. For what's it's worth, I can testify: had a long time gf over there (not a pro), who looked an awful lot like Nancy, with the exact same rack. At some point she was getting so much attention that she got surgery to make 'em smaller! And I can guarantee they were real, despite her petite frame...

Posted by: Paul Po on Apr 25, 08 | 4:00 am

By the way, the second picture is not Nancy....

Posted by: Paul Po on Apr 25, 08 | 4:01 am

Paul....I think that is Nancy in the 2nd photo, you can see her tattoo. Here are links to samples of that photoset.


Posted by: NorthMan on Apr 25, 08 | 4:25 am

She needs a Brazilian wax (photo #3)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Apr 25, 08 | 5:21 am

No, I did mean Irene - I'll modify my post to make my meaning clearer.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 25, 08 | 5:25 am

I love the "honey-brown" color of her nipples. They're like a thin layer of milk chocolate with a brown M&M mini in the middle... yummy!

Posted by: FlipnIrish on Apr 25, 08 | 5:46 am

A big juicy double dose of niceness. Makes me smile:)

Posted by: arf on Apr 25, 08 | 5:51 am

Nancy has long been one of my favorites. There are some hardcore photos of her available, but I haven't found any videos. anyone know of any? I'll be eternally grateful.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 25, 08 | 5:56 am

BTW, I'm strongly considering becoming a vegetarian now:-))

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 25, 08 | 5:57 am

i love irene fah:) very nice real boobs?

Posted by: LawBoy on Apr 25, 08 | 6:13 am

No way...gotta have my rib eye steaks. :)

Posted by: arf on Apr 25, 08 | 6:16 am

beef, it's what for dinner :))

Posted by: LawBoy on Apr 25, 08 | 6:22 am

Uh, I'm talking about the magic cucumber she's using, guys. I'll supply the you know what...(That was close to being deleted, huh?)

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 25, 08 | 6:26 am

Let's see...that's one juicy magic cucumber for Wings and a side of sausage for LawBoy. :) What's this world coming to.

Posted by: arf on Apr 25, 08 | 6:42 am

Lawboy, you really don't want a side of sausage, do you? Ewww! (must not be crude, must not be crude, must not....)

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 25, 08 | 6:45 am

Some pics of Nancy that I've never seen before...

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 25, 08 | 6:57 am

One need only look at previous posts to know I've always had a crush on Nancy.The one hardcore scene I know of happened in HUSTLER'S ASIAN FEVER #11.In the scene she plays a weekend companion for some un-deservingly lucky EURO-TODD.It may very well be the single greatest 15 minute ad for sex tourism ever made.She is equal parts innocence & predator.I'm not sure I could actually handle meeting her.Ohh..try me!:->

Posted by: STRIPES on Apr 25, 08 | 7:12 am

Wow Wings... some of those pics have so much sand on her "you-know-where"... ouchie!

Posted by: FlipnIrish on Apr 25, 08 | 7:35 am

BTW let me not be selfish here.If you go to:

you can see this steamy cinematic masterpiece.The movies there are VOD and DO NOT require a monthly membership.She's not listed by her full name.(just as NAN)So just do a studio search for ASIAN FEVER# 11 from HUSTLER.God bless Larry Flynt.

Posted by: STRIPES on Apr 25, 08 | 7:38 am

Yes . . . I'd like to order the Thai salad please. What kind of dressing comes on that?

Posted by: Olive Yellotale on Apr 25, 08 | 4:08 pm

She doesn't have to shave for my taste. It's good enough like that.

Posted by: daznlover on Apr 25, 08 | 5:24 pm

That pic never gets old. Nancy is my girl. So will we be seeing more Big Boob Fridays in the future? What about Itty Bitty Titty Tuesdays? :-)

Posted by: Candyman on Apr 25, 08 | 11:49 pm

I just made up "Big Boob Friday" as a joke, but lets see what happens. :-)

Posted by: NorthMan on Apr 26, 08 | 1:30 am

I'm all for it. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 26, 08 | 1:43 am

Not a day goes by when I don't mind seeing big boobs. :P

Posted by: arf on Apr 26, 08 | 4:51 am

i vote for that :) maybe we can submit requests:)

Posted by: LawBoy on Apr 26, 08 | 5:50 am

wow the first pic is my fav. Her boobs are great, not to mention those luscious lips. =]

Posted by: Masquerade on Apr 27, 08 | 3:14 am

what is different on her stomach? try see

Posted by: happysmile on Aug 16, 08 | 6:39 am

Here are 8 early Nancy galleries, including some of the aforementioned photos of Nancy having fun with fruit, meat, & even a lit candle.
Oh, yeah, & some hardcore, too:

And 4 newer galleries, somewhat more tame, but undeniably Nancy Ho(t):

Posted by: Turk on Feb 20, 11 | 12:58 am

Oops, sorry, no fruit in the galleries above...
My bad!
The lit candle & the hot dog will have to do :)

Posted by: Turk on Feb 20, 11 | 1:03 am

Track down the A4U vid of Nancy doing a two handed switch solo, you will be amazed. Also there is a solo by the late Annie Chui...Both are original A4U vids.

There are a number of Nancy Ho and Annie Chui hd core vids but I haven't seen them since A4U went dark. When you see a photo shoot involving "toys" it's usually done during the making of a vid.
Not even Moonangel or Blackalley have these vids and they are spinoffs of A4U. They might be being sandbagged to increase their value.

P.S. The second pic IS Nancy; there is a video of this shoot.

Posted by: Bundaboss on Apr 02, 11 | 3:53 am